The Human Mind – What’s Your Choosing?

If you had to chose between challenge and typical, what would you be your choosing if you only had 6 months to live? Your everyday average or, perhaps an experience that you have always dreamed or planned to do and is within your reach might be a likely answer. With experience, the ladder for such an answer would most often be not getting the average pooh-poohed rewards, gifts or the most desired results wanted for the time you are alive if you have such a deadline.

Being on numerous experiments in the last 3 years to keep growing ad getting educated on both sides of the ladder, there are heavy but interesting learning degrees for living the type of romantic cliches bestselling books teach and remind us. If you knew how much time you have left and it is only a couple years o months, you surely up your ante to do actions faster.

What happens if your deadline is shorter or longer? The good or bad spirits from the “guija” game might tell you, but guys like you and me might not be interested. So how you can easily chose an exciting lifestyle, day to day adventures and remembering experiences for generation to bloodline generation? Pretty interesting but yet simple, am I the right guy to answer it for you?

I can surely be a guide because of two main reasons. Have been in top of the world family wise and financially virtually for decades and have been in learning and challenging experiences as my own choosing to experience the ordinary lifestyle. Both are incredibly fulfilling, however, one road has better options in our today challenging world.

As a major purpose is starting to be fulfilled and being in both sides of the fences as a kid and in adult age, I would like to let you know or remind you of a very important truth. Thoughts lead to feelings, any kind of feelings lead to actions and your actions will definitely get you given result. That result for defining “living life to the fullest” will all depend on your vision and adapted social conditioning over the given years.

A social conditioning example is one you have permanently selected or one partially exploring. Having deep needed studies on the human mind, I have personally discovered in great two additional great insights. Insights that no book can ever describe or paint the picture better than your actual viewable outline of it! Such being, rich people truly believe in creating their own destiny while poor people (a poor mind) would usually believe “life just happens to me!”

A top favorite heard numerous times among friendly get-togethers is in huge controversial comparisons. Needed to say in advance, boy will I probably get in heavy trouble by saying this, a masochist understanding for some but a fine tuning for controlling emotions in the highest available levels as one of my personal “getting stronger” skills as I write before going big in new projects. Let me tell you, Puerto Rico has the best conglomerates of nicest and biggest emotional souls, me being one of them. Some will probably punch me if I say it in their face!

What is the discovery? Have you ever heard people or even a friendly answer and even confirm you by arguing on interesting conversations “Joe, money isn’t as important as love!” Now isn’t that the most ridiculous and dumbest social conditioning thinking ever!

How about framing with the following so you may understand the hidden codes in such statement!

What’s more important, your tongue or your ears?

Correct answer being, both are highly important! If you only had 6 months to live, 5 years to live or perhaps knew in advance that you only had 15 more years to live you know that money will be extremely important in the adventures you want to fulfill and unimportant in the most emotional haves such as, family if you and I were to think alike.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure to explore and target fulfilling opportunities. Be it on your next vacation or your next move – make sure to ask yourself “Am I Living Life to the Fullest?” Plan and have fear as an ally and not as your biggest enemy.

Making sure to create our own bucket list, aiming and firing at will is a needed blessing! Get your bucket list together and greatly consider having such list fulfilled before the bucket kicks you. From experiences in my mid 20’s, you can live a lifetime in a day(s) or just a handful of weeks. Make sure you set time for your own destiny. Your mind and your own judgment would be the most precious assets in creation for such fulfillment! Should be continued?

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