How to Work Towards a Better Life

You can enjoy every moment in life if you have friends and family you can share them with. And to build healthy relationships, you should have a healthy outlook on life. Starting with you, see how you can improve yourself and relationships that are important to you.

Working towards a better self

– Have an open and curious mind. Try and be like a child again. Be curious about new things and ask yourself the many questions a child would. Do not have a rigid approach or a closed mind. Open yourself to the: What? How? Why? Who? When? Keeping an open mind will help you see things differently than what you might have.

– Define your values and principles. What are the things that you value most in your life? What frustrate you the most? What causes you the most pleasure and what the most hurt? These questions and the answers to these will make you aware of who you are and how you are living in this world. Go through all your answers and see which ones surprise you and which don’t. Is there anything you can do to make events cause you less frustration? Think of possible solutions and work on them. Discipline yourself to always stick to your values and principles, regardless of their consequences.

– Be willing to change. You may want to do better in life; you may even have worked hard on your plan to achieve your goals in life. However, do you have it in you to make the sacrifices that are necessary to bring about the changes in your life? Mentally prepare yourself for the compromises that you will need to make if you are aiming for higher goals in your life.

– Love yourself, respect yourself. Before you can love and respect another person, you need to feel good about yourself. If you are racked by self-doubts and inferiority complexes, relationships with other people will be doomed from the start.

– Work on your manners: Your manners will define you wherever you go. A simple ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or even a ‘good evening’ shows the other person that you are recognizing them and appreciating the work they are doing for you. In fact, treat others the way you would like to be treated. Show colleagues and subordinates the same respect and trust that you expect from your higher-ups. This doesn’t mean you have to pretend. Show genuine interest in the people around you.

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