Expectations Are Everything

There isn’t an individual alive today who does not want happiness. But how do you get there from “I’m divorced and I’m not happy?” I know you’ve got a picture in your mind and I know that you are trying to get that. If that picture looks like Ozzie and Harriet’s perfect TV life, you are doomed to be disappointed.

We have to be realistic. You’re divorced now, so your concept of self is likely to change dramatically. If you talk to someone that is truly happy you will find that they have realistic expectations. Being married can make you very happy or very miserable depending upon who you are married to. If you think your shot at happiness is over because you are now divorced, you are wrong. You need to have realistic expectations.

When I saw you need to have realistic expectations, I don’t mean that you have to lower your standards. If you believe that having a family will make you happy, don’t tell yourself, “it will never happen, or , “I’ve already had my chance.” Try setting smaller goals. When you go through a huge life change, you need to take things a little slower. Maybe even day by day. It’s alright to lower your level of expectancy for a while. Say to your Self: I have a great family; I have my kids, my parents, etc.” Don’t expect that your pain from the divorce and all that goes with it will disappear in a day or a week or a month.

Have an “attitude of gratitude.” It may sound cliché but take a look around and really examine what you do have. So you aren’t married anymore, be thankful for what’s there and who’s there.

You now have one less person to think about, (your ex), so take all that extra time that you would have spent on that person and spread it around to those you are thankful for.

Be positive. Tell yourself things are going to be okay and they will be. If you feed yourself downer, negative messages, you’ll never foster happiness in your life. Whatever your internal monologue is telling you, it will come true. Make short term goals that you can achieve to get through this tough time and when you see what you are capable of, it will reinforce the positive thinking.

Everything is temporary. The upset divorce can cause will fade and your new life can be a lot more joyous. Then the joy will pass because something else painful will come up. That’s the beauty of life. Not knowing what will happen, but expecting that things will work out in the end! Have you ever noticed that the majority of what you expect comes true? It’s best to expect happiness. It’s a great way to control being happy in your life.

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