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When I got my first book published in 2010, I was unfortunate enough to get taken advantage of by a scam artist publisher. I quickly learned that the publishing industry was filled with censorship, gatekeepers and greed, just as record companies and broadcasters are.

Afterwards I was determined to actually get my book out in its proper form, and I wanted to be able actually get a fair deal. It took me two years, but I eventually learned to format and publish books on my own, and I was able to release my first book Alchemy of The Timeless Renaissance, along with a new one The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality.

Now, I want to help other authors avoid the type of problems that I experienced when I published my first book, and I want to help people get their work out there in published form.

If you have a book and need a publisher, please contact us and we will begin the process of getting your work published. If you have some great ideas and always wanted to write a book, now you can motivate yourself by knowing that there is a publisher out there for you when you get your first copy ready. – John Vibes